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Billy: …Effectively then, my problem is this: your Formal facts about the volume of Jupiter's moons are not appropriate as they only correspond to your Section of the truth. To my know-how, this giant Earth has seventeen bigger moons and a number of other scaled-down kinds, as I realized from Ptaah through the Excellent Journey.

Quetzal: ...Having said that, it should be said that every one resulting modifications during the climate as well as the greenhouse gasoline as well as inner-earth source exploitation by the Earth man or woman will direct, in the course of time, to the modify during the Earth’s rotation.

"Astronomers have discovered 3 new moons orbiting the distant gas-huge World Neptune.The discovery boosts the quantity of known satellites from the gasoline large to eleven.

Billy: ...a comet With all the identify "Swift Tuttle" ...really should arrive right into a collision study course with Earth in the course of the a long time 2125-2128 and threaten the Earth in the course of this time frame.

"A Cuneiform clay tablet which has puzzled scientists for over a hundred and fifty yrs is now considered to describe an asteroid influence in 3123 BC in Austria. Scientists think the pill, which seemingly describes a cataclysmic occasion, may perhaps account to the biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah."

Quetzal: Up to now, the earthly archaeologists still don't have any Idea or even expertise in this significant tomb.

Furthermore, while I used to be in Switzerland, in May perhaps 2009, five folks all observed Meier connect with a UFO. Particularly, on command he caused the thing to right away extinguish its very vivid exterior gentle and turn out to be invisible.

Quetzal: ...possibility that Eros could fall to your Earth while in the foreseeable long run is below 3%.

Quetzal: ...The center from the GALAXY Centaurus A, as It's going to be specified in earthly astronomy, actually is made of a super-enormous black hole, which has a sizing or appealing drive of one.35 billion photo voltaic masses.

"Voyager two photos indicate Neptune's Bizarre moon Titan is dotted with active volcanoes, strange ice geysers fed by underground pools of liquid nitrogen which will "explode" in twenty-mile-superior plumes of ice and gasoline, scientists reported Sunday."

Billy: But another thing: a doctor urged me to inquire you if you could potentially present specifics of whether susceptibility to kidney stones is inheritable.

"The radar pics display Toutatis comprises two major chunks of rock, most likely held involved by gravity..It is one of check my source the most irregularly shaped object we have nonetheless viewed within the photo voltaic process."

Billy: ...As Quetzal described, inside the calendar year 13384 B.C., an icy tiny moon was torn outside of Jupiter's orbit because of the Destroyer and hurled out into House.

"Mind and system rhythms is usually reset to alterations in the day-night cycle by ordinary indoor gentle, Harvard scientists have learned. Their conclusions upset a long-held belief that banks of vivid lights are required to synchronize biological rhythms to the 24-hour cycle of sunshine and darkness. Getting away from synch causes jet lag and erodes the performance of change workers."

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